Some spaces really want to be self-funded, and of course this is ideal in that it reduces time spent in meetings and avoids potential restrictions on activities.

I personally am not averse to outside funding and have some thoughts on the matter. But I also think it is important to keep a grip on the main objective. In its simplest incarnation the art group requires $20 of art supplies and a place to meet that has a closet. That's all. More interesting things happen however when more space and more interesting supplies become available. The codehackers group also really only needs a place to meet and an internet connection, but can do more given things like whiteboards, scanners, space to set up in-house servers, and so on. The make people would likely be self-funding, but could get started with an accessible storage space that has some sort of security for the tools. Of course they too can do more given more tools, such as workbenches, shelves for magazines, etc.

I am speaking of these groups as if they were separate entities, but the most interesting results would come from a group drawn from all three areas of interest and in which members have lots of interaction with others working in a separate sphere.

A few points:

  • If donations will be accepted, the least intrusive donors are individuals. The potential for donations from individuals increases greatly if we are a registered non-profit. This may also increase the likelihood of grands should we go that route.
  • Many potential participants are low-income and lack English skills. Possibly something to address depending on the group that forms. Outreach may be needed to make these potential participants aware of the place.
  • The potential exists for an interesting intersection of multimedia and oral history and art, in that there appear to be many untold stories.
  • These stories may offer excellent opportunities to showcase the possibilities of alternate reality and immersive interfaces.
  • Funding for such an effort may be available from the NSF. This agency is definitely funding research into education innovation.
  • Access to a computer system with graphics capability appears to only be available to college students in the area
  • The Central Coast SBDC has a lot of valuable information on their website about starting a business, but if they offer a place to work I cannot find a reference to it.
  • The Pajaro Valley Arts Council may have some suggestions.